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I came to know Nancy White through the MOOC I have been following and participating in since September. As part of a graded assignment for my course at Athabasca University, I focused on Nancy’s presentation Triangulating, Weaving, and Connecting our Learning. (Thanks Nancy for your enduring support as I worked through my assignment and ultimately the presentation!) I continue to learn much through Nancy’s tweets and blogs (Have I told you Nancy how much I love your links? They keep leading me to pleasant and unexpected surprises!).

Recently Nancy posted a link to Group Pattern Laguage Project and in particular to a Card Deck that they have created that is “designed to support your process as a group convenor, planner, facilitator, or participant.” I was intrigued to learn more about this card deck and dream about how I could use it in my given context. I see it working in two different ways which I am interested to test out. First is in helping me to hone in and create more focused business presentations using the patterns (or even academic presentations as was the case in my recent course). The second place I’d like to try it out is when I facilitate retreats (usually for teens). It will be interesting to use it as a guide to set the retreat tone, identify what they can expect, and the end point that we will try to reach together on the retreat. From what I have seen in the downloads, I think that naming the patterns, tying it to a graphic for those of us who are visual learners, and defining the pattern (through the “Heart”) will make it easier to use and to dream far beyond any set parameters.

Thanks again Nancy for an amazing link to yet another thing that will stretch and improve the way I present!

Check out Group Pattern Language Project…. it just may change the way you present, faciliate, or participate!


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